Travelee Mission

Travelee was founded by El and Lee with a common desire to make a difference in their community and around the world. By following in their footsteps, Travelee is building an empire of travellers who want achieve more than just discover, but to discover with purpose. This will realign participants’ perspective, allowing gratitude to flow and change to occur.

El Rowland

El has served with the Australian Army for 13 years. During this time, as a Health Technician and a combat medic, she deployed to Banda Aceh on a humanitarian mission following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. She then deployed to Western Australia as part of the Aboriginal Community Assistance Program and furthermore to Padang, following the 2009 Earthquakes. El posted to numerous locations in the UK as part of an exchange program, and went on to complete a two-week peace keeping exercise in Lithuania.  In 2009, El transferred to the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps as a Dental Assistant. In 2014, El was awarded a scholarship to France in recognition for her outstanding and inspirational work as an Australian Soldier.

Following postings to Sydney and Darwin, El arrived in Brisbane where she founded her own charity Exercise Stone Pillow, raising funds for and awareness of Veterans and their families. In 2016, El was nominated for Australian of the Year for her hard work in both the Army and for Veterans in need.

In 2016, El competed in Australian Survivor, was 2nd runner up and met her now partner Lee Carseldine. Survivor has motivated El to use her experience as a platform to transform women, as she has been, through hardship, perspective and experience.

Lee Carseldine

Lee is a retired professional cricketer who played 132 matches for Queensland and also travelled extensively playing professionally in India, England, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa and Bangladesh.  In 2004, Lee was forced to retire after back stress fractures and disc problems. He had a spinal fusion and complications resulting from a life threatening infection, but this did not stop Lee from learning to walk again and making a remarkable cricket comeback in 2008.

Lee retired from Cricket in 2012 and now assists past players in their transition out of the game. Shortly after retirement Lee completed his Double Master’s degree in MBA and Finance and then launched ‘Droneit Group’ which is a media and training company specialising in drone technology. Lee maintains a strong focus on fitness and despite his past injuries; he uses this as his driving force to have completed a number of personal achievements including marathons, triathlons and the Kokoda track.

In 2016, Lee pushed his body and mind to the limit where he came 2nd in Survivor Australia and met his partner El.


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Profits from 42 Combo will help Lee & El make a difference by funding their next humanitarian cause which is teaching English to underprivileged children in Cambodia. How much are you willing to invest in their cause?

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