42 Combo

42 Combo is an adventure fitness challenge designed by El and Lee. They designed it to feed their desire for adventure and to be physically and mentally strong enough to adventure. It combines both their physical fitness backgrounds: for El, the Army, and Lee, Pro Cricket. It amalgamates them and delivers an adventurous 42 day challenge to get you healthy, fit for adventure or to assist in any goal you may have.

The program is a full body overhaul combining adventure, yoga, resistance, and cardio training along with team building activities and fun.  There is also a bit of time for rest and recreation as well. 

Do earthlings need another fitness challenge/program?

Before you answer that question with an emphatic “NUP”, let us explain what makes 42 Combo a little bit distinctive from the rest. Funds raised from 42 Combo will help send El and Lee on their next humanitarian project to a rural school in Cambodia. This project teaches English to 200 impoverished children in Cambodia that have one or no parents, to help pave the way out of poverty.

Pay What You Want And Fund A Greater Cause

Yes, it’s a risk but El and Lee have decided not to put a RRP on 42 Combo and instead offer a pay what you want (PWYW) concept. We want to exchange “value for value” – a value that you put on your health and fitness and in return fund our next project. You can pay $1 or a $100,000 (that would be pretty cool), its entirely up to you.

El and Lee are very passionate about the health of themselves, their family and their community so they want to give you an opportunity to take part in 42 Combo Challenge and whilst doing so, raising money for a greater purpose.


Pay What You Want

Profits from 42 Combo will help Lee & El make a difference by funding their next humanitarian cause which is teaching English to underprivileged children in Cambodia. How much are you willing to invest in their cause?

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